NaviKey's tab view

If you want to use NaviKey's tab view, you have to add the following line to the NaviKey.props file:

Can I use DiversityNavigator for handling non-biodiversity data?

Yes, you can. You can manage any data with DiversityNavigator.

System requirements

DiversityNavigator is a JAVA application and can be used on all platforms that support the Java Runtime Environment (,

Which Version of the Java Runtime Environment do I need?

Version 1.5

Where can I get the most recent version of DiversityNavigator?

See Download.

How to install DiversityNavigator?

See Installation.

How are error messages handled?

Error messages are shown in the tab sheet and written into the log file diversity-navigator.log

Are there any demo databases for testing purposes?

Yes, there are serval demo databases:
Database name Database type Database location
DiversityChecklists_LIASchecklists_DNDemo postgreSQL
DiversityDescriptions_LIASlight_DNDemo postgreSQL
DiversityDescriptions_LIASlight_DNDemo HSQL local
DiversityTaxonNames_Fungi_DNDemo SQL Server 2000
DiversityTaxonNamesCache_DNDemo postgreSQL
DiversityTaxonNamesCache_DNDemo HSQL local

User and Password for accessing the demo databases

Type of database User Password
server databases guest V27xa92a
local databases sa (none)

Where does DiversityNavigator store my user settings?

DiversityNavigator creates a new direcotry named .diversity_navigator in your user home directory. All configuration files are stored there.

What database types does DiversityNavigator support?

DiversityNavigator supports the following database types: For more informations, see Databases.

How can I edit the list of predefined database connections?

See Database Connection.

How can I access a local HSQL database?

Driver org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver
Accesspoint jdbc:hsqldb:file:<database-name>
User sa

I can't enter a ' in HSQL databases. What's wrong?

Nothing is wrong. Just enter two subsequent '.

The NaviKey plugin doesn't display the units of numeric characters. How can they be displayed?

Find the Navikey.props file in your configurations directory and simply add the following line:

How can I delete my configuration settings or restore the default settings?

System User Directory
Linux xyz /home/xyz/.diversity_navigator
Mac OSX xyz /Users/xyz/.diversity_navigator
Windows xyz C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\xyz\.diversity_navigator

I cannot edit the data of a table. What could be the reason?

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