General Remarks


On the user interface, the following top level menu items are provided:

DiversityNavigator Frame


The Diversity Navigator user interface is divided into three frames:

  1. The Navigation Frame (in the default selection at the left side) providing two tab sheets with tree views for the selection of databases ("Database") and database projects ("Projects").
  2. In the Data Frame, windows open with four tab sheets giving access to the respective databases contents: Filter – Data Form View – Grid View – Report. Each window is known as a view. It is possible to have multiple views open at once, and each view can be split into multiple panes.
  3. The Message Frame shows messages from the program. They comprise notifications about important program steps (databases opened and closed etc.) as well as error messages.

The program emits a lot more messages than those shown in the Message Frame. As many of those messages are not of interest in everyday use, they are written to a file. This file is named diversity-navigator.log and is located in the DiversityNavigator home directory has been started. You may configure the amount of messages that are written (to the log file and the Message Frame) as well as the location where the log file is written to in the configuration files.

Database tree


Project tree

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